Lisboa entre as cidades mais bonitas do mundo

Lisboa está no top ten das cidades mais bonitas do mundo, eleita pelo guia de viagens online Com as suas colinas estendendo-se até o Rio Tejo, Lisboa é descrita como uma das cidades mais pitorescas do mundo, que surpreende o visitante com as paisagens magníficas que se avistam dos miradouros e dos terraços estrategicamente erguidos em cada colina.
A calçada portuguesa, as fachadas em azulejo e os edifícios que se fundem numa mescla em tons pastel, "proporcionam a Lisboa uma atmosfera singular, difícil de encontrar noutras cidades".

"Lisbon is reawakening. The words "new" and "cool" haven't really been associated with this city since the 16th century when it ruled over the world's first global empire, extending from Brazil to India. Vasco da Gama's expedition to the East brought it cultures and a touch of the exotic that Europe had never seen before -- spices (cinnamon, pepper, ginger), foods (potatoes, pineapples, tea) and animals such as the elephant and rhinoceros that paraded by the city's waterfront.
When the glory days of trade and discovery were over, Lisbon fell victim to one of the most destructive earthquakes ever recorded, and remained dormant ever since. The kiss that awoke the "princess by the Tagus" came during Expo 98, the last world fair of the 20th century. The Expo site became a new neighborhood with futuristic architecture, riverfront warehouses were converted into clubs and restaurants, its narrow cobbled lanes were invaded by caipirinha-holding young crowds enjoying a typically-warm night out, new boutique hotels and contemporary-design hostels opened in renovated old buildings, and an energized artistic scene brought it a renewed sense of confidence. 
Culture vultures have also welcomed a new world-class collection of modern art (the Berardo Museum), and a reborn Design and Fashion Museum.
But what hasn't changed are the breathtaking views from its hills which arguably make Lisbon Europe's most scenic capital. Add its trademark mosaic pavements, dilapidated pastel-colored or tile-covered buildings, iconic turn-of-the-century trams, melancholic Fado music, and you also have one of the world's most soulful cities. In fact, Lisbon's unpolished appearance actually provides a seductive atmosphere all of its own, and prevents it from ever being just another bland old city.
The nearby Atlantic beaches and fairytale palaces are other attractions, although visitors will find plenty of reasons to simply embark on their own voyage of discovery in this deliciously-decadent city."

The most romantic view of Lisbon (with the castle standing on the opposite hill) is found in Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara
Inside the "Elevador da Glória"
"Elevador da Bica" is the most charming lift in Lisbon - was opened on June 28,1892.
Portuguese traditional electric makes its way across central Lisbon streets
Amália Rodrigues house
Pastéis de Belém
The Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Mary Major (Portuguese: Santa Maria Maior de Lisboaor  de Lisboa)
View of  "Elevador de Santa Justa"
Camões Square
Fernando Pessoa

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