STREET ART @ Passagem subterrânea de Viana do Castelo

This is the most famous costume of Portugal, and the most colorful. You will often see it representing Portugal as a whole. It is native to a number of villages around the city of Viana do Castelo in the northern Province of Minho. This city lies on the Atlantic just north of the mouth of the river Lima.

This area has several costumes which differ according to purpose and to social class.  I will be speaking of is called “Traje de Lavradeira” by the local people. In the rest of Portugal it is often called the costume of Viana do Castelo, and outside Portugal it is usually referred to as the Minho costume.

Quem me conhece sabe que eu adoro Street Art. Recentemente, descobri que uma passagem subterrânea em Viana do Castelo, que até há pouco tempo se encontrava vandalizada, foi coloridamente decorada com figuras tradicionais da identidade cultural desta linda cidade minhota. Deixo-vos com alguns exemplares...


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